I Will Guide You Through Saida

A project about shared and communal spaces in Sidon, specifically the coastal areas and the changes they are undergoing. With the participation of a group of young men and women from Sidon, the project consisted of a research phase where participants collected stories and historical narratives about Sidon’s coast and its public spaces. At a later stage, the group created site-specific performances that culminated into an event open for everyone in Kinayat Bahr site in northern Sidon, where audiences were invited to experience any or all of the performances.

These performances are the result of many workshops, debates and writings carried out by each of the project participants, and aimed at collectively discussing the right of access to the sea as well as the future of Sidon city.

Location: Kinayat Bahr, Summer 2015.
Participants: Ahmed Faqih, Abdul Razak Hammoud, Nadera Arkadan, Doaa Afara, Mohammad Yassine, Mohammed Shaafati, Roula Fares
Workshop Leaders and Artistic Direction: Tania El Khoury and Abir Saksouk

Production: Abdul Razak Hammoud
Sound pieces design: Majd El Hamwi
Video documentation and editing: Jumaa Hamdo and Ayman Nahle
Poster Design: Public Works Studio
Booklet and map in collaboration with Public Works Studio
Research with support from Al Madina Initiative

A project by Dictaphone Group, in partnership with Green Line Association and in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Beirut

Press: LBC, Al_Modon, Al_Akhbar

Booklet Available to download here:

كتيّب مشي ت دليك

You can listen to the sound pieces from the project on the below playlist: